Some thoughts as I reconsider connecting with the online circus.

1) I haven’t worried nearly as much about what other people think. That’s a good thing. I will say that, since I’ve started writing on a regular basis, I’m obsessive about view counts.*

2) I miss out on important info, like weather updates. And, I miss seeing what my friends are up to.

3) There are alternative sources to get news updates (both Apple and Google have apps for their respective operating systems). But, Facebook knows me oh so well (curse you, algorithms). I know I’ll see what’s most important to me, when I have time to look. The other readers take a little more effort.

4) The “unfollow” button is useful.

5) Sharing a news story gives friends an idea of what interests me. But aside from that, what value does it add?

6) Twitter has its own universe. Not as organized, incredibly disparate, but entirely immediate. This is best exemplified when a major news event happens.

7) Twitter’s immediacy is also its downfall, as immediate information ought not be mistaken for accurate information. This, too, is best exemplified when a major news event happens.

8) Twitter’s disparate nature can be controlled by grouping followers into lists. But, that takes work. Facebook’s algorithms, for better or worse, do much of that hard work for you.

9) Google does many things well, however, in the realm of social networks, it simply hasn’t found an edge.

10) No social network can fully replace the value of coffee and conversation with a friend Lately, I’ve been enjoying this place. This morning was no exception. When the dust settles on my current situation, I hope to enjoy more outings.

*Incidentally, yesterday’s post was most viewed, with the majority of referrals coming from Facebook, but no small amount from Twitter.

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